Frequently Asked Questions


On this page you will find a list of FAQ's regarding AVA's services.

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call at anytime if you have any further questions.

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What types of services are offered?

 We specialize in residential mortgages, Conventional, FHA, and Jumbo Loans. Our staff can also help you consolidate any debt, lower your current rate, and even purchase, or refinance a home. 

How can AVA help me get the loan I need?

 As your Mortgage Broker, we represent the borrower not the loan program. Lenders and investors from all over the country send us daily quotes on their particular loan programs. However, many loan programs man not fit the particular needs of the borrower. That's why working closely with you, our staff will seek out the lending program that truly fits your needs, and not the lender's. 

How AVA is committed to customer satisfaction

 Mortgage Brokers provide an extremely important service in the field of finance, including the loan origination, pre-qualifying the loan, verifying the credit and property aspects of the loan and making sure that you, the borrower, are protected in all areas of the loan. Our staff then presents the loan to the Mortgage Lender for funding. For providing this valuable service, the Investor gives the Mortgage Broker a wholesale cost. This makes it possible for you, the borrower, to obtain the most competitive rate available.